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Happy mistakes are the best mistakes. Who would have thought the cherry wood side panels of our Slayer espresso machine would warp in the DC climate? It's not like it’s humid or anything….As luck would have it, indeed they warped. The Slayer co. kindly replaced them with gold panels (which are amazing!). Their company is based in Seattle so we had to install them ourselves but Michelle Tran our opening barista and all around general bad*ss managed to make it happen on her own. Not only did she install them, she took the video too. 


This is what you get when you mix smoked sturgeon, onion consommé and obsessive personalities. This dish was on one of our earliest menus. It was ever so painfully (and lovingly) crafted by our very own Chef Jonny Black, also known as "JB". Sadly he has left us for the west coast and now runs the show for The Crenn Dining Group in San Francisco. To answer your question, “what are those squares?” They are perfectly squared dice of alternating green apple, white leek, green leek and golden beet. And yes, every plate that went out of the kitchen looked like this (45 degree angle chives and all)!


Feast, as it is affectionately known at Pineapple and Pearls is the bi-monthly tradition of rotating Front of House (FOH) and Back of House (BOH) team members cooking up a late night post shift meal for the entire team. Typically on a Friday night at the end of the week and always themed, this is our highlight of the week! Past Feasts include: Madison's po’boys made with 70lbs. of sausage she checked in her luggage when flying back from New Orleans after a weekend visit. Luckily, TSA didn't hold her for questioning! Andrew Hori's 90's Asian style salmon and steamed broccoli. Brian Jacob’s hot dogs and fried candy bars. Andrew Limberg's multiple Goodfellas feasts…(Baked ziti, Lasagna, Manicotti, Stuffed Shells) as evidenced in the picture above. And how could we forget Matt Ramsey's PornBurger night? That's trademarked btw. Anyways, you name it, we eat it at feast!



When designing the kitchen at Pineapple and Pearls, we knew we wanted to build something that was enjoyable and visually appealing to work in every day. One of the things we did to make it a more enjoyable environment, aside from adding a beautifully hand built French stove (that story is for another day) was to put really beautiful tiles in. So that is what you see above. A breath of "fresh air", our green and white "Starburst" Swedish tiles. We didn't know if they would last one week or one decade so it was quite a risk but two years in and they are looking great!